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Her Mad Hatter

Her Mad Hatter - Marie Hall Wow! That was wicked good! Wicked good! It was quite a surprise because I didn't expect much, just a cute and strange story. Well, it was definitely strange but in good and entertaining way, but it wasn't cute at all. Instead it was sexy as hell! The Mad Hatter was crazy indeed but also layered.I loved that we could see behind his torment and Alice's path wasn't just rainbows and butterflies either. On the contrary, her past and present was very unnerving. I was happy that although it was a sensual story the characters weren't just mindless fools in lust as they usually are in books like this. Their objections against their obvious love towards each other were well founded and believable. Wonderland was a bit confusing sometimes but it is as it should be. It's Wonderkand we're talking about.Although Hatter and Alice's story is finished I'm looking forward to read the other stories in the Kingdom series as well, especially the Wolf's story!I would like to thank the writer and the Lovers of Paranormal group the opportunity to read this book. I became a fan!