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Feyland: The Dark Realm

Feyland: The Dark Realm - Anthea Sharp A rather original take on the urban fantasy novels.Jennet is a gamer. She is one of the VirtuMax kids, which means she is rich and has access to the best sim systems available, and even those which are forbidden to use. She got herself entangle in a game of Feyland which has serious effect on her real life as well. She need help, but who could she find worthy of defeating the Queen, when she herself couldn't do it? Tam is a player too. The best there is, at least in the little city where Jennet moved with her father. Tam is Jennett's one and only chance and they form an unlikely alligance which soon turns out to be an enjoyable companionship.Feyland has a unique and clever take on the fantasy land and the lovers from different worlds themes and that makes this book a quite refereshing experience!